Colonial Empires and Girl Scout Cookies

In today’s edition of the Tulip Teacher, we explore an unlikely pairing with a common thread: The humble American Girl Scout cookie hustle and the world’s largest and most brutal empires throughout history. The American Girl Scouts are famous for pounding the pavements to raise money by selling s’mores, cookies, thin mints and many others.Continue reading “Colonial Empires and Girl Scout Cookies”

The Tragedy of the Communal Kitchen

This might be divisive but before you read the following scenarios just be aware that I hate, hate, double hate, loathe entirely anyone who falls under the following categories. You are the worst kind of person. Just the worst. Gym bros who leave weights lying around Anyone who has ever worn a plaster as theyContinue reading “The Tragedy of the Communal Kitchen”

Considering Investing? Here’s How to Lose Money

Have you ever seen a flock of birds in the sky when they are moving back and forth as one entity, changing shapes and direction, almost fluid? If you haven’t seen it on a David Attenborough show, just take a look for yourself: Though it is totally captivating, it is practically impossible to predict theContinue reading “Considering Investing? Here’s How to Lose Money”

The Economics of the Black Panther Part 2

For reference: Wakanda, that’s the place in the photo, it’s not my photo but it looks nice right? Talk about “Instagram Influencer” pose though, who knew the Black Panther was such a try-hard. “Make them for it, and turn….”. Oh if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, stop, go back, read that first, I needContinue reading “The Economics of the Black Panther Part 2”

The Economics of the Black Panther Part 1

Before we get started, The Black Panther (top right) lives and rules Wakanda pictured above, oh and it’s not my photo. Copyright law proof?…check. I think… Anyway… The movie The Black Panther was a box office smash hit, taking away an astonishing $1.3 billion at the box office on a budget of $200 million. It followsContinue reading “The Economics of the Black Panther Part 1”

NQT Advice: What I wish I had known sooner about formative assessment

In this week’s edition I explore; the mistakes I made when using formative assessment, the advice and research I found, and offer my own example for Excellence in Economics. Hopefully you’ll find it insightful and maybe even useful for improving your own daily teaching practice. I’m always welcoming of feedback so please get in touch,Continue reading “NQT Advice: What I wish I had known sooner about formative assessment”