Online Tutoring

James Oliver, The Tulip Teacher, a qualified and experienced secondary school teacher with 3+ years experience, a BSc Economics Graduate from the University of York, a professional economic development specialist. The Tulip Teacher provides private online tuition and interactive live group sessions for GCSE and A-Level students studying the following courses:

GCSE Economics
GCSE Business Studies
A-Level Economics
A-Level Business

Private Tuition

1 to 1 tuition bespoke to a students target grade, current understanding, and rate of progress. The Tulip Teacher tuition tracks and enhances in-school lessons, provides a student learning plan, thorough assessment for learning and responsive feedback to master the content leading up to exams. Private tuition adapts to the students strengths and gaps in learning, significant gains are guaranteed.

Monday to Wednesday, 6-8pm

£45.00 per hour

Group Tuition

Group tuition consists of 5-10 students. It is designed to provide affordable tuition that consists of interactive assessment for learning and instant group feedback that addresses the most common gaps in knowledge. Student progress is achieved through consistent practice that is lead by the tutor. through regularly attended students can track and make excellent progress. Group tuition is subject to demand.

Thursday, 7pm (subject to demand)

£8.00 per hour

James Oliver will be happy to help, please visit the The Tulip Teacher contact page to ask for further details or questions you may have.