The Tulip Teacher – James Oliver

James Oliver is a business and economics teacher and tutor who has always been fascinated by how people, businesses, and the world works. He wants everyone to experience that same level of curiosity. The Tulip Teacher explores absolutely anything and everything about business and economics. Asking both meaningful and ridiculous questions. Hopefully he’ll provide some answers along the way…

Looking to master business and economics? – James Oliver offers rigorous, interactive and supportive tutoring services, where outstanding student progress is the aim. Through his tutoring sessions James Oliver supports students to make sustained and visible progress. He has over three years experience of teaching GCSE and A-Level Business and Economics. Having graduated University with a BSc in Economics, James Oliver has pursued a career in economic development for over three years before completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

Why ‘The Tulip’? – The humble tulip was at the epicentre of the first recorded economic bubble in the Dutch Golden Age (17th Century). Seen as a symbol of wealth, rare bulbs of this Dutch flora were particularly valuable. The creation of ‘futures contracts’ for tulip bulbs (and the growing wealth of the Dutch) led to a dramatic increase in speculative purchases that resulted in these bulbs – in some cases – trading for the price of a house, before the inevitable collapse of the market. The phrase ‘Tulipmania’ is now infamously used to describe any potential economic bubble.